· Nov 1, 2020

InterSystems Open Exchange October 2020 Digest

Hey Developers,
Here is a digest of new solutions and applications submitted to the InterSystems Open Exchange in October 2020.
General stats:
353 published applications
454 downloads in October
751 developers joined

New applications (26)
npm-iris by Henrique Gonçalves Dias
Project & Task Management using InterSystems IRIS and Bootstrap 4
realworld-intersystems-iris by Dmitry Maslennikov
InterSystems IRIS Starter kit for new RealWorld framework implementations
IRIS apiPub by Claudio Devecchi
automatically publish RESTful API's built with Intersystems IRIS technology, in the simplest and fastest way possible, using the Open API Specification (OAS 3.0) standard
qewd-conduit by Rob Tweed
QEWD Implementation of the RealWorld Conduit REST Back-end
restoreUI by Vasiliy Bondar
UI for restoring databases from online backup
iris-battleship by Renato Banzai
Why not a game in contest?
Video-Annotator by Jack Valinsky
Web app to annotate YouTube videos with timestamped notes that are stored in IRIS.
Feeder by Oliver Wilms
Feeder Production that generates test files and sends test messages to Interoperability Production while using %UnitTest.TestProduction TestControl to gather and publish results.
fhir-terminology-service by Dmitry Zasypkin
Implementation of FHIR Terminology Service specification.
Health Insight Demo Examples by Jonathan Wald
Several COVID-19 dashboard examples using Tableau, and created using HeathShare Health Insight, which provides data modeling, analysis, and visualization tools. They can be opened using the free Tableau Reader application.
Samples-FHIR-Oximeter-Devices by Zachary Krowiak
In this exercise, you will modify an existing FHIR® server to monitor incoming FHIR data from an oximeter device, then use a front-end web application to send simulated FHIR Observation resources into InterSystems IRIS for Health™ process that data.
ObjectScript Extension Pack for VS Code by John Murray
A Visual Studio Code extension pack for ObjectScript development.
IRIS-Smart-Factory-Starter-Pack by Amir Samary
An Application Starter Pack (ASP) is a code base built by an InterSystems partner using InterSystems IRIS Data Platform that shortens the time to develop a complete application that addresses a specific industry or technology challenge. It is not a completed application. Rather, it is a starter code that can be extended and customized by partners and customers to meet specific customer requirements and environments.
WebSocket_with_Fhir by davi massaru teixeira muta
Telemedicine chat project developed with WebSockets and FHIR API, for health professionals, allowing then consult information stored on FHIRSERVER during the conversation.
iOS HealthKit to FHIR through IRIS for Health by Guillaume Rongier
iOS app to export HealthKit data to IRIS (or any FHIR respository)
Enhanced Monitor Manager by Jin Kim
ISC Open Exchange - Code for Enhanced Monitor Manager
Server Manager for VSCode by John Murray
VS Code helper extension defining connections to InterSystems servers.
iris-interoperability-template by Evgeny Shvarov
InterSystems IRIS interoperability template: a simple interoperability application which reads data from Reddit and filters it.
intersystems iris jdbc driver by Evgeny Shvarov
JDBC driver distribution repo
DbVisualizer by Sandra Bjarevall
DbVisualizer is the universal database tool for administrators, developers, and analysts. It runs on all major OSes and connects to all commercially viable database engines.
mg_ruby by Chris Munt
A Ruby extension for InterSystems M/Caché/IRIS
Loyalty system "Yagoda" by Vasiliy Bondar
Developer of a platform for increasing repeat sales in retail and HoReCa
mg_php by Chris Munt
A PHP Extension for InterSystems Caché/IRIS.
mg_go by Chris Munt
A GO Extension for InterSystems Caché/IRIS.
mg-dbx by Chris Munt
A Node.js Extension for InterSystems Caché/IRIS. The focus and rationale for this solution is high-performance NoSQL-based access to the database, though access to InterSystems SQL, Objects and Functions is also supported.
apptools-util by Sergey Mikhailenko
Utilities adapting for IRIS and working with modules ZPM
New releases (15)
apptools-admin by Sergey Mikhailenko

zpm moule correction add extensions


changed the release number


renamed include file


add modules ShowGlobals, FindAndDrawAllQueue


docker repair


fixed DockerFile


Add UI link in VScode menu


add images


Added the ability to run a favorite command by name node. Fix chart base growth.


add discription


add screenshots

DeepSeeWeb by Anton Gnibeda
  • new feature: now visibility for series in legend stored in settings and can be predefined
  • added share dashboard button
  • fixed issue with fullscreen widget and context menu
  • fixed issue with 401 and redirect to login page
  • fixed issue with black borders on a chart after canceling color settings
  • fixed issue with missing real logout

IRIS import manager by Oleh Dontsov

Added Vue-JS front-end, added the ability to connect to a remote database

ObjectScript Package Manager by Evgeny Shvarov

Search command enhancements:

search -d - shows package description search zpm* - shows packages with names starts with "zpm"

$zpm function

set sc=$zpm("install bla")

csvgen by Evgeny Shvarov

icon update


dots in columns fix. Dots are converted to "_"

XList - for declarative and functional programming by Mirko Ozekker

New function: get values as keyed array

Ingestion Speed Test by Amir Samary

2.5.1 (October 13, 2020) - Adding support for Oracle on AWS

2.5.0 (September 02, 2020) - Changing ICM and IRIS version to 2020.

2.4.26 (August 23, 2020) - Adding mariadb and postgres results

apptools-task by Sergey Mikhailenko

description added


upgrade version release


add icon

isc-apptools-lockdown by Sergey Mikhailenko

description added

VSCode-ObjectScript by Dmitry Maslennikov
  • Add quickstart button to ObjectScript Explorer view when local folder is open but no objectscript.conn settings are available to it.
  • Add Jump to Tag + Offset command for MACs and INTs, and make it available via click on statusbar field.
  • Support server-side editing of other filetypes such as HL7, LUT.
  • Output a message when proposed APIs are enabled.
  • Connect FileSearchProvider to server. When VS Code is running with the --enable-proposed-api switch the QuickOpen field (Ctrl/Cmd+p) will now search connected servers for classes, routines etc.
  • Fix various debugging issues.
  • Fix problems with View Other.
  • Drop first-line 'ROUTINE' entry from label list shown in breadcrumb and Outline panel.
  • Pass path of webapp (CSP) files correctly to server-side source control class.
  • Support AfterUserAction reload signal from server-side source control class.
  • Prepare to coexist with upcoming language server extension.
  • Support folder-level settings, snippets and debug configurations for server-side (isfs) workspace folders. This feature requires a /_vscode webapp using the %SYS namespace.
  • Support webapp-type roots referencing a path that is an ancestor of one or more webapps that use the target namespace. For example isfs://server/?ns=%SYS&csp gives access to all %SYS webapps from a single root folder.
  • Enhance Add Server Namespace to Workspace... command and quickstart button to add webapp-type roots.
  • Remove requirement for namespaces to be uppercase in settings.

First production release.

csvgen-ui by Guillaume Rongier

Update module.xml

integratedml-demo-template by Thomas Dyar

IntegratedML is now Generally Available, and IntegratedML is going to be a "standard" feature of Intersystems IRIS and IRIS for Health! See announcement here:

objectscript-openapi-definition by Guillaume Rongier

ProcedureBlock to true. Handle OpenAPI 3.0 enums


Update module.xml


Rollback on underscore changes

iKnow by Benjamin De Boe

First full release of the iKnow NLP library for Python: - Core indexing functions, identifying concepts and their context - Support for 11 languages (en, es, pt, fr, de, nl, sv, ja, ru, uk & cs) - Tuning available through the User Dictionary object - Full documentation, including sample sentences for all rules

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