neel Je · Nov 4, 2020

IRISReference in Native Api

I am trying to use IRIS Native API in .NET code I see following code snippet here

  IRISReference valueRef = new IRISReference(""); // set inital value to null string
  String myString = valueRef.value;               // get the method result

But IRISReference is not available as a type.

 What reference (dlls) do I need to add for that? I have InterSystems.Data.IRISClient.dll , what else do I need? what am I missing here?

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Assuming you use .Net Core 2.1 you need IRISProviderCore21.dll.

Thanks guys!

I am not using .Net core but  .NET framework. 

So after posting here, I looked around more and I found one version of InterSystems.Data.IRISClient.dll which has IRISReference  

But other version does not. This is so odd.