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Hi All,

  Thanks for the replies, I certainly haven't explained the problem very well!, so short summary;

CSP page shows file browser (working) that takes a stream (working) sends the file to a Method (working) and then returns a new file into the same CSP page session (not working)

I appreciate this means the CSP will be "stuck" while the method creates the new file.  I have limited access to change any of this under the hood to send to a directory or use an integration engine or any other alternative.

   For Excel we use activate, as said the Excel and sending the file is not the problem.


Hi Henrique,

  Not exactly, the excel isn't the problem, it's when I return the XLS to the browser I need the browser to interprut it as a attachment, the problem is the %response creation.

The use case is some live software is not creating legacy index "sometime", logic looks good but some "combination" misses the index create.  In test works fine.  SO want to add lots of auditing and have a common call to an debug audit to record variables, objects etc.  Hence want to record the name of the variable used when calling the audit.

Anyway the $STACK pointed me at what I need and its all done and working...Thanks!

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