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   You do realise this post is 6 years old?, subscriptions is certainly not an immature FHIR technology, it wasn't 6 years ago and now is borderline an essential part of a a useful FHIR service and HealthShare/HealthConnet/HealthRandomWord doesn't support it still without a lot of custom work.

For those that care (?) in the end I had to write my own handlers using some undocumented hooks in the ISC code and a LOT of trail and error, plus some custom operations/processes etc.  It was a painful process to get to work (but eventually did).

Hi All,

  Thanks for the replies, I certainly haven't explained the problem very well!, so short summary;

CSP page shows file browser (working) that takes a stream (working) sends the file to a Method (working) and then returns a new file into the same CSP page session (not working)

I appreciate this means the CSP will be "stuck" while the method creates the new file.  I have limited access to change any of this under the hood to send to a directory or use an integration engine or any other alternative.

   For Excel we use activate, as said the Excel and sending the file is not the problem.


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