sameer chauhan · Nov 5, 2020

Got error related to Zlib1.dll missing

I got this error saying, Zlib1.dll is missing on my Windows 10. Here's the screenshot:
How to fix it?

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What program are you starting?

These library errors usually occur at installation. Corrupted files and others, access rights to the installation folder. Have you tried to redo the installation by running as an administrator?

@Andre, you are right. Most of the time it happens at installation and while launching the applications. I reinstalled but didn't succeed to fix the issue. But, thankfully, a friend of mine suggested me to download the missing DLL file from here: and replaced the older file from the directory with this new file, and rebooted the PC. It actually worked for me. Thanks to all of you once again.

Do you have zlib1.dll in your <IRIS>\bin folder?


Try excluding IRIS directory from antivirus scanning and reinstall the instance.