Olga Zavrazhnova · Oct 27, 2020

Survey on IRIS Data Platform 2020.4 and IRIS for Health 2020.4 Preview Release - we need your feedback!

Hi Developers,

InterSystems is offering  a new and easy challenge as part of Global Summit 2020. As you know IRIS Data Platform 2020.4 and IRIS for Health 2020.4 are now in preview release. We are looking to improve the developer experience in migrating from earlier 2020 container release(s) of these products  to the 2020.4 preview release.

We invite you to complete a survey and get 7000 points on Global Masters🎁

2 steps to enter the challenge:

1️⃣ Upgrade any 2020.x container release to the IRIS Data Platform 2020.4, or IRIS for Health 2020.4 preview release.
2️⃣ After the upgrade supply us with the following information: 

  1. Your level of Docker knowledge? (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  2. The platform you attempted the upgrade.
  3. Your experience – what you found, what you liked, what you we could do ebetter. 
  4. The docker-compose.yml (or Dockerfile) and messages.log file from the upgrade
  5. What problems (if any) did you encounter.
  6. Did you try any new features in 2020.4? If so, what did you like?
➫ Please submit completed information to Olga Zavrazhnova at by November 6th🚩.
Thank you, Developers, for making IRIS and IRIS for Health, the development platforms of choice for advanced application development.
You can redeem the points for any available prize on Global Masters. Not a member yet? Read here about Global Masters and join the program today!
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Hi Developers, 3 days left to enter the challenge! We really need your feedback and your thoughts to make the developer experience as great as possible.