Guillaume Rongier · Nov 23, 2020 1m read
Iris key uploader


This is iris-key-uploader a frontend in Angular with it's rest API.

The aim of this project is to easily import key file to Iris from a web ui.

Why this project

Unfortunatly the IRIS panel to change key doesn't give the opportunity to upload the license.


As you can see, you can only browse from the server side.

What if, you don't have a direct access to it ?

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Hey Community,

Please join the next InterSystems online programming competition:

🏆 InterSystems FHIR Accelerator Programming Contest 🏆

Submit an application that uses InterSystems FHIR-as-a-service on AWS or helps to develop solutions using InterSystems IRIS FHIR Accelerator.

    Duration: May 10 - June 06, 2021

    Total prize: $8,750

    👉 Landing page 👈

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    Hi, I would like to tell you how easy it is to spin up IRIS for Health docker container in compute engine(VPS) in google cloud.

    I know that to run IRIS for Health in AWS is pretty simple and straightforward, but I wanted to tried if its same easy in GCP environment.

    Create vm instance. 2GB RAM is more than enough.

    I used Debian 11 as Linux distro.

    Standart persistent disk is cheaper.

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    This is more for my memory that anything else but I thought I'd share it because it often comes up in comments, but is not in the InterSystems documentation.

    There is a wonderful utility called ^REDEBUG that increases the level of logging going into mgr\cconsole.log.

    You activate it by

    a) start terminal/login

    b) zn "%SYS"

    c) do ^REDEBUG

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    In the previous article, we've discussed the origin of the standard HL7v2, the structure and the types of messages. Let's now look at one of the most used types of messages and an example of its structure. I'm talking about ADT.

    HL7 ADT messages (Admit, Discharge, Transfer) are used to communicate basic patient information, visit information and patient state at a healthcare facility. ADT messages are one of the most widely-used and high volume HL7 message types, as it provides information for many trigger events including patient admissions, registrations, cancellations, updates, discharges, patient data merges, etc.

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    Dmitry Maslennikov · Mar 3, 2021 4m read
    Access to IRIS from Rust

    What do you think If I will say you, that very soon you will be able to connect to IRIS from the application written in Rust.

    What is Rust

    Rust is a multi-paradigm programming language designed for performance and safety, especially safe concurrency. Rust is syntactically similar to C++, but can guarantee memory safety by using a borrow checker to validate references. Rust achieves memory safety without garbage collection, and reference counting is optional. (c) Wikipedia

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    I am demonstrating a use case of how we can create an IRIS Interoperability Production for special use in an external language. InterSystems IRIS, within Interoperability has a framework called Production Extension (PEX), using which we can create productions and program them as per their purpose using external languages like Java, Python etc, and also develop custom inbound and outbound adapters to communicate with other applications.

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    I am often asked by customers, vendors or internal teams to explain CPU capacity planning for large production databases running on VMware vSphere.

    In summary there are a few simple best practices to follow for sizing CPU for large production databases:

    • Plan for one vCPU per physical CPU core.
    • Consider NUMA and ideally size VMs to keep CPU and memory local to a NUMA node.
    • Right-size virtual machines. Add vCPUs only when needed.

    Generally this leads to a couple of common questions:

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    Good morning, evening, night,... wink

    A small reflection/question for today... it's true that new IRIS for Health (I4H) releases are more and more powerful each time regarding FHIR capabilities. Nowadays it allows us to consume FHIR resources with extrem easiness, we can connect with end-points in external FHIR servers very easily and make I4H act as passthrough or consume their resources... or, even more, we can define, configure and run a FHIR repository in, literally, less than 5 minutes.

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    Hello, developers!

    I would like to share the history of the project - the ZAPM shell.

    As soon as ZPM was implemented, I immediately began to think about how best to use it.

    And immediately faced with the desire to move more quickly between namespaces, especially when there are more than 20 of them.
    I had to leave the ZPM, move to the desired namespace and re-enter the shell.
    I suggested an improvement - a new "namespace" command for easier navigation.
    I didn’t wait - I did it myself. And so it went. If you need it, get ready to do it yourself.

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    Hi Community!

    Are you in Dubai on October 10-13? Join us at the Global DevSlam conference for developers with 15,000 participants expected in person!

    📍Let's meet here: Hall 9, Stand № H9-E30

    🌟 We will host the event: "The hands-on workshop on InterSystems IRIS Data Platform"
    Speaker: @Guillaume Rongier, Sales Engineer at InterSystems
    October 10, 2pm - 3:30pm
    Register here

    ❕We have free promo passes for our Community Members, partners, and customers. Please drop me a line if you are willing to attend!

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    InterSystems and Intel recently conducted a series of benchmarks combining InterSystems IRIS with 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors, also known as “Cascade Lake”, and Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory (DCPMM). The goals of these benchmarks are to demonstrate the performance and scalability capabilities of InterSystems IRIS with Intel’s latest server technologies in various workload settings and server configurations. Along with various benchmark results, three different use-cases of Intel DCPMM with InterSystems IRIS are provided in this report.

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    We often run into connectivity problems with HealthShare (HS) deployments in Microsoft Azure that have multiple HealthShare components (instances or namespaces) installed on the same VM, especially when needing to communicate to other HS components while using the Azure Load Balancer (ILB) to provide mirror VIP functionality. Details on how and why a load balancer is used with database mirroring can be found this community article.

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    InterSystems has recently completed a performance and scalability benchmark of IRIS for Health 2020.1, focusing on HL7 version 2 interoperability. This article describes the observed throughput for various workloads, and also provides general configuration and sizing guidelines for systems where IRIS for Health is used as an interoperability engine for HL7v2 messaging.

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    InterSystems IRIS for Health ENSDEMO

    Yet another basic setup of ENSDEMO content into InterSystems IRIS for Health.

    Make sure you have Docker up and running before starting.


    Clone the repository to your desired directory

    git clone

    Once the repository is cloned, execute:

    Always make sure you are inside the main directory to execute docker-compose commands.

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    Henrique Dias · Jan 13, 2022 4m read
    How to find the dataset you need?

    Hey community! How are you doing?

    I hope to find everyone well, and a happy 2022 to all of you!

    Over the years, I've been working on a lot of different projects, and I've been able to find a lot of interesting data.

    But, most of the time, the dataset that I used to work with was the customer data. When I started to join the contest in the past couple of years, I began to look for specific web datasets.

    I've curated a few data by myself, but I was thinking, "This dataset is enough to help others?"

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