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Dmitry, following up on @Eduard Lebedyuk's comment, and even though you seem to say IIS is not the cause, this does "smell" like an IIS-related configuration.

I suggest you look here in the IIS docs, and in this related thread.

This setting enables to provide custom error pages instead of the "raw" downstream original server error (to be friendlier to users, or to possibly hide sensitive error details).

Try turning this setting off and see if this helps (if Apache is also available for example you can attempt testing with it as well to compare results).

Following up on Shawn's response, these resources might also be helpful in the meantime, and perhaps for others -

"See how to use key features of the Healthcare Action Engine to set up real-time alerts for clinicians. In this exercise, you will build decision support, design a notification using a CDS Hooks card, and write a rule to deliver it."

[I believe the same comment Shawn mentioned about being required to be a HealthShare customer in order to access this content is relevant here as well.]

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