· Sep 25, 2023 2m read

InterSystems IRIS trainings

Hi Community,

to learn quickly and in total autonomy on IRIS, I offer you some links which can help you in this beautiful bicycle ride rich in discoveries: 

  1. InterSystems Developer Hub​​​​​​
  2. Getting Started with InterSystems ObjectScript
  3. Developing in ObjectScript with Visual Studio Code
  4. Building a Server-Side Application with InterSystems
  5. Getting Started with InterSystems IRIS for Coders
  6. Managing InterSystems IRIS for Developers
  7. InterSystems IRIS Management Basics
  8. Predicting Outcomes with IntegratedML in InterSystems IRIS
  9. Writing Applications Using Angular and InterSystems IRIS
  10. Writing Python Applications with InterSystems
  11. Configuring InterSystems IRIS Applications for Client Access
  12. Connecting Java Applications to InterSystems Products
  13. Connecting .NET Applications to InterSystems Products
  14. Connecting Node.js Applications to InterSystems Products
  15. Analyzing Data with InterSystems IRIS BI
  16. Building Business Integrations with InterSystems IRIS
  17. Building Custom Integrations


If you want to get started with your own local IRIS instance, I recommend using our templates available at OpenExchange :


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