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· Feb 9, 2022

InterSystems IRIS, IRIS for Health, & HealthShare Health Connect 2022.1 developer preview 7 is published

UPDATE:  Developer Preview 7 has been released.

Update 7 includes a number of stability improvements over previous updates and support for support for all of the planned 2022.1 features.  If you notice any problems at all, now's the time to let us know.  The docker pull commands below have been updated with the latest build numbers.  Enjoy!

Developer Preview releases are now available for the 2022.1 version of InterSystems IRIS, IRIS for Health, and HealthShare Health Connect.

As this is InterSystems' first developer preview release, let's take a moment to describe what these are.  The developer preview program enhances the previous IRIS preview program with approximately bi-weekly releases that add features as they are ready.  This allows us to get feedback on capabilities and enhancements as they're available.  You'll see below a list of enhancements that are targeted for 2022.1, which are not included in the first developer preview.  Look for those over the coming weeks. 

We are eager to learn from your experiences with this new release ahead of its General Availability release. Please share your feedback through the Developer Community so we can build a better product together. 

InterSystems IRIS Data Platform 2022.1 is an extended maintenance (EM) release. 2022.1 includes the many important new capabilities and enhancements have been added in 2021.2, the continuous delivery (CD) release, since 2021.1, the previous EM release. Please refer to the release notes for 2021.2 for an overview of these enhancements.New in InterSystems IRIS Data Platform 2022.1 will be expanded support for both production and development platforms.  InterSystems IRIS will support (NOTE: these enhancements are not in the developer preview 1):

  • Windows Server 2022
  • Windows 11
  • AIX 7.3
  • Oracle Linux 8 

Additionally, we are happy to announce the addition of support Apple's M1 chipset for development environments. Support for MacOS Monterey (12) is planned for the 2022.1 release, but is not included in developer preview 1.

Other important enhancements include:

  • Speed and Scale improvements to System Alerting & Monitoring (SAM)
  • The IRIS .NET SDK now support .NET 5
  • Improvements to InterSystems Reports
  • Ease-of-use improvements to Production Extensions (PEX), which enables easy reuse of customer interoperability components 


More details on all of these features can be found in the product documentation:

EM releases come with classic installation packages for all supported platforms, as well as container images in OCI (Open Container Initiative) a.k.a. Docker container format.  For a complete list, please refer to the Supported Platforms document. 

Installation packages and preview keys are available from the WRC's preview download site.  They're also available from

Container images for the Enterprise Editions of InterSystems IRIS and IRIS for Health and all corresponding components are available from the InterSystems Container Registry using the following commands:

docker pull
docker pull
docker pull
docker pull
docker pull
docker pull

For a full list of the available images, please refer to the ICR documentation.

Container images for the Community Edition can also be pulled from the InterSystems Container Registry using the following commands:

docker pull
docker pull
docker pull
docker pull
docker pull
docker pull

Alternatively, tarball versions of all container images are available via the WRC's preview download site.

InterSystems IRIS Studio 2022.1 is a standalone IDE for use with Microsoft Windows and can be downloaded via the WRC's preview download site. It works with InterSystems IRIS and IRIS for Health version 2022.1 and below. InterSystems also supports the VSCode-ObjectScript plugin for developing applications for InterSystems IRIS with Visual Studio Code, which is available for Microsoft Windows, Linux and MacOS.

The build number for this developer preview release is 2022.

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And images with ZPM package manager 0.3.2 are available accordingly.

From clause could look like:

FROM intersystemsdc/iris-community:2022.

And change the image to any of the following:


Also you can benefit from the latest and preview tags. Latest is equal to the latest GA IRIS, and preview is for the latest Preview version. e.g.

FROM intersystemsdc/iris-community:2021.2.0.651.0-zpm

equals to:

FROM intersystemsdc/iris-community:latest

FROM intersystemsdc/iris-community


FROM intersystemsdc/iris-community:2022.

equals to:

FROM intersystemsdc/iris-community:preview

And to launch IRIS do:

docker run --rm --name my-iris -d --publish 9091:1972 --publish 9092:52773 intersystemsdc/iris-community:2022.

docker run --rm --name my-iris -d --publish 9091:1972 --publish 9092:52773 intersystemsdc/iris-ml-community:2021.2.0.651.0-zpm

docker run --rm --name my-iris -d --publish 9091:1972 --publish 9092:52773 intersystemsdc/iris-community:2021.2.0.651.0-zpm

docker run --rm --name my-iris -d --publish 9091:1972 --publish 9092:52773 intersystemsdc/irishealth-community:2021.2.0.651.0-zpm

docker run --rm --name my-iris -d --publish 9091:1972 --publish 9092:52773 intersystemsdc/irishealth-ml-community:2022.

docker run --rm --name my-iris -d --publish 9091:1972 --publish 9092:52773 intersystemsdc/irishealth-community:2021.2.0.651.0-zpm

And for terminal do:

docker exec -it my-iris iris session IRIS

and to start the control panel:


To stop and destroy container do:

docker stop my-iris

Interoperability callbacks can now be written in Python.

Class dc.DFOperation Extends Ens.BusinessOperation

Method OnMessage(ByRef request As Ens.StringContainer, Output response As Ens.Response) As %Status [ Language = python ]
    import pandas
    import iris

    query = request.value.StringValue
    response.value = iris.cls('Ens.Response')._New()
    stmt = iris.sql.prepare(query)
    rs = stmt.execute()
    df = rs.dataframe()
    iris.cls('Ens.Util.Log').LogInfo("dc.DFOperation", "OnMessage", "Dataframe load success")
    return iris.cls('%SYSTEM.Status').OK()


I tried to run the docker image on my Apple Silicon, but the docker run fails with the following error:


[INFO] Executing command /home/irisowner/irissys/ 2188...

[INFO] Writing status to file: /home/irisowner/irissys/iscagent.status

Reading configuration from file: /home/irisowner/irissys/iscagent.conf

ISCAgent[18]: Starting

ISCAgent[19]: Starting ApplicationServer on *:2188

[INFO] ...executed command /home/irisowner/irissys/ 2188

[INFO] Copying InterSystems IRIS license key from /durable/iris.key to /usr/irissys/mgr...

[INFO] ...copied key

[INFO] Starting InterSystems IRIS instance IRIS...

[INFO] Invalid registry ownership

[ERROR] Command "iris start IRIS quietly" exited with status 256

[ERROR] See the above messages or /durable/iris/mgr/messages.log for more information

[FATAL] Error starting InterSystems IRIS


I get the same error on Ubuntu ARM. I am using the image,