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Introducing a way to create user-defined errors

InterSystems FAQ rubric

To create a user-defined error you need to prepare the XML that describes the error code and corresponding message that you want to use as a user-defined error.

Please set the error code as a negative integer.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> 
<MsgFile Language="en">
  <MsgDomain Domain="UserErrors">
    <Message Id="-111" Name="MyError">An error has occured</Message> 
    <Message Id="-222" Name="MyError2">An error has occured 2</Message> 

Once the XML file is created, load it into the namespace you want to use.

set x=##class(%MessageDictionary).Import("error.xml")

Once loaded, you can retrieve and display user-defined errors with a command like the following:

USER>set error=$system.Status.Error(-111) // Create error with error code -111
USER>write $system.Status.GetErrorText(error) // Output error message from error
Error <UserErrors>-111: An error has occurred
USER>do $system.Status.DecomposeStatus(error,.val)  // Set error information to array variable
USER>zwrite val
val(1)="Error <UserErrors>-111: An error has occurred"
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Is UserErrors a magic string that somehow connects the message dictionary with $system.Status?
I don't see the string mentioned in nor anywhere in the documentation.

I was able to google that seems identical to this post.

Hi @Jani Hurskainen 

It seems the "UserErrors" domain name is the default name of user-defined errors, although it isn't written in the document.

I tested below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> 
<MsgFile Language="en">
  <MsgDomain Domain="UserErrorsABCDEFG">
    <Message Id="-911" Name="MyError">Test!!An error has occured</Message> 
    <Message Id="-922" Name="MyError2">Test!!An error has occured 2</Message> 
set x=##class(%MessageDictionary).Import("/src/test.xml")
set error=$system.Status.Error("<UserErrorsABCDEFG>-911")
set error=$system.Status.Error("<UserErrorsABCDEFG>-911") 
write $system.Status.GetErrorText(error)
//ERROR <UserErrorsABCDEFG>-911: Test!!An error has occured

If you don't add default domain name, you can get the correct user message by specifying the domain name with the error id to create the error messsage.