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We always remember and care about your health with FemTech Reminder.

Brainstorming the project we would build to showcase in the current female health themed InterSystems FHIR Contest, our girl band decided that we need to do something practical for the ordinary user and to solve some burning issues of the modern life. This discussion led to the idea of creating a project that will help women not to forget their health in daily grind - FemTech Reminder.

Project presentation video:


The FemTech Reminder project contains four main components:

  • Reminder server is based on InterSystems IRIS for Health;
  • GUI part is made with Angular;
  • Bot in Telegram;
  • FHIR server hosted in InterSystems Cloud.

The user communicates with our system via a chatbot. It allows the user to get notifications directly into the messenger without installing additional software. Using a bot, the user can register in Reminder service and associate their profile with a patient record on the FHIR server, allowing us to receive notifications based on patient information in the future. The Reminder server sends notifications once a day, analyzing user data.


Three types of notifications are implemented at the time of publication of this article.

Age Notifications:

Notifications with age-specific recommendations are based on Worldwide Health Organization (WHO) recommendations regarding medical checkup.
This type of notification is characterized by age range and frequency of notifications. The server decides sending notifications to the user by analyzing these criteria.

You can view all recommendations using the GUI.


The web interface also allows you to add recommendations.


Pregnancy notification:

Pregnancy recommendations based on the recommendations of the WHO prenatal care model. While sending a notification, the system checks the patient’s week of pregnancy, it is calculated based on FHIR server's pregnancy observation record.


Appointment notifications:

Appointment notifications will be sent the day after the doctor’s visit. The patient will get a recommendation from the FHIR server, which was filed by their doctor during the visit.

To learn more about our project or use it as a template for your future work:


Our team would like to thank InterSystems and Banksia Global for an opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology on important present-day female issues. We hope that our bot-reminder open-source project will help our colleagues to innovate and solve complex healthcare issues to help women to feel good and stay healthy.

Developers of project:

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