With the world (as well as our own technology) moving to the cloud at such a fast pace it is easy (at least for myself) to get caught up in the little details. One thing I, and some clients of ours, had run into a couple of times was the necessity to specify the version of the images one plans to use with the IKO.

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I had attempted to create a REST Operation before but did not have success. As I am going through the Tutorials and Documentation everything references REST services, but I have a case where I want to create a REST Operation that makes Epic API calls against Interconnect. I have done SOAP operations before and we currently have one in our Production Namespace, but from what I understand SOAP has the wsdl which defines al the structures and etc, where REST does not.

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I want to connect IRIS system as it has all the database tables. on top of that I am creating a REST API in python. How can I connect to IRIS DB. here is my example code for connection

def connect():

connection_string = "localhost:1972/USER"

username = "_SYSTEM"

password = "SYS"

conn = iris.connect(connection_string, username, password)

after this connection is created but how can I get tables data. Please let me know more about how we can integrate IRIS database into a python REST API.

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An interim idea to bring more dark to the docs with different font.


  • In Firefox web browser address bar navigate to: "about:support"
  • Look for label "Profile Folder", and click on the corresponding "Open Folder" button.
  • Drill-down / Open sub-folder called Chrome.
  • Create file here called: userContent.css

Content of file:

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Looking at the documentation, I see that the global ^ROUTINE brings the information and code of the .INT version of the routines. However, I would like to know where the equivalent information of the .MAC version is, as I did not find any reference to this in the documentation.

Some information in the .MAC version are hidden or already converted into the .INT version, and I would like to have access to this information through the system, and not just opening the routine in the studio.

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· Jan 25, 2021 2m read
Static Documentation Generators

Hi Community,

In the past, technical documentation of the source code and software products was generated in chm, pdf files and documentation generators of the programming languages themselves. This old approach had the following limitations:
1. Outdated documentation;
2. Non-interactive and difficult to consult documentation;
3. Layout unresponsive, unfriendly and not adherent to HTML;
4. Inability to customize the layout of the documentation;
5. Inability to have HTML 5 documentation online and offline.
6. Lack of Markdown support.

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Hello Developer Community!

We are looking to better understand how our users use the Documentation. If you have a few minutes, please fill out this quick survey - https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HK7F5P7!

Feedback from real users like you in invaluable to us and helps us create better product. Your feedback can go further than the survey - we would love to interview you about your experience, just indicate in the survey that you’re open to talking to us!

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Hi Everyone,

I've been working on deploying an IRIS for Health environment in EKS. There is a video session in the InterSystems learning portal about this feature but I have not succeeded in finding the proper documentation and resources to use this in my Kubernetes cluster.

Has this been deprecated/discontinued? Any idea where can I find the resources? Should I stick to StatefulSets instead of using the IrisCluster resource type provided by this operator?

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I'm looking for information, suggestions, video (courses) on make a lot more use of the documatic system already built into Cache,

Probably talked of before within this forum, but after an hour or two of searching, can't find the articles that I mmay have seen before.

I want to do a lot more documenting of my installation, we use and actively comment classes and methods, but I want to take it further by actually documenting the "why" and high level "how" my system works. Documatic seems a good place to put that knowledge.

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A third party developer has asked for access to the documentation of my classes so he can understand my tables/classes better.

  • How do I give access the the documentation of my classes (single namespace) and secondary, do I need to give him access to %system. (and others)
  • Is it possible to block the likes of ensemble, Iknow, deepSee etc. I don't use those, and I don't want him to waste time (and my money) exploring areas that simply not necessary
  • what privilege roles do I need to give him whilst still maintaing security.


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