I am not sure! This will secure any traffic hosted by the instance itself on the port added to the config (10443 in the example). It also does not change the way links are generated. If the portal webpage uses relative links, then it could secure those requests, but they ultimately don't connect through the instance so really security is out of our hands there.

This method simply opens an additional port on the included Apache server secured by the self-signed certificate. The non-secure ports will still work so this isn't a viable production strategy.

Hi Dan, Can you please update the following to make this tutorial up-to-date?

  • The endpoints in the Google1N and Google2n depend on your server and ssl port. Maybe make a note there that .../csp/google/Web.OAUTH2.... would be /csp/user/Web or /csp/namespaceABC/Web.Oauth2 depending on where you implement the code.
  • The issuing endpoints for the tutorial have changed to the following:

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