Since the storage of passwords is only in salted & hashed format, you'll need to ask for the previous password, check that it logs the user in and then do the checking on the new password. That'll be your only time to view the previous password in plaintext.

Have you tried wrapping your message call (Ens.Director and OnProcessInput) in a class on the target machine.

/// -------- This is on the source machine
/// Source (LIS) Method
ClassMethod ConnectAndCall(host, port, namespace, user, pwd) As %Status
    // Our object is defined somewhere
    #dim TRAN As %RegisteredObject = $$$NULLOREF
    Set sc = $$$OK
    // Connect to our HC machine
    set connection = ##class(%Net.DB.DataSource).CreateConnection(host, port, namespace, user, pwd)
    if 'connection.IsConnected set ERRTXT="NotConnected" quit $$$Error($$$GeneralError, "Couldn't connect")
    set irisC=connection.CreateIris()
    // Instead of multiple calling with response objects wrap everything on the client
    set response = irisC.ClassMethodValue("Helpers.Ens", "SendMessage", "ServiceName", TRAN)
    do connection.Disconnect()
    Return sc
/// ---------- This is on the target machine
/// healthconnect method (target machine)
/// Classname: "Helpers.Ens.SendMessage()"
ClassMethod SendMessage(servicename, message) As %RegisteredObject
    // Find running job of servicename
    Set sc = ##class(Ens.Director).CreateBusinessService(servicename, .serviceHandle)
    // Call that service
    Set sc = serviceHandle.OnProcessInput(message, .response)
    return response
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