I'm working on some custom utility functions that I can utilize in Business Rules as well as other places. I saw this line in the docs:

For each function you wish to define, add a class method to your new function set class. There is no support for polymorphism, so to be precise, you must mark these class methods as final.

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In an Ensemble message bus that has a Business Service which extends EnsLib.SOAP.Service, I have the option to support SOAP Sessions by setting the parameter SOAPSESSION=1.

The comments says this also effects license consumption.

In what way is license consumption effected ?

note this is version 2015.1, Ensemble Elite (without Web-AddOn).

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A client stated to me that they are trying to eliminate SMTP servers from their network and want all email to be sent through their Microsoft Exchange Server. Admittedly I am not very knowledgable of the workings of Exchange Server.

Are there customers sending email notifications through Exchange Server? How is this accomplished? Does Exchange Server act as a SMTP server allowing use of the Email adapter or is there some other mechanism that must be used to communicate with a Microsoft Exchange Server?

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I am working on an Ensemble demonstration that involves workflow. Over the course of testing I have cleared out the Ensemble message store several times. This has left several workflow tasks that no longer can be assigned, accepted or rejected.

How do I clear the Workflow Tasklist which is found by going to Ensemble -> Manage -> Workflow -> Workflow Tasks in the Ensemble Management Portal?

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Executive Summary

InterSystems HealthShareÆ and InterSystems EnsembleÆ both provide a rapid integration and development platform with built-in capabilities for the high-speed processing of HL7 messages. For the purposes of HL7 v2 message routing the two products are equivalent in performance. For brevity, this document will just say Ensemble in many places but it should be taken to apply equally to both products.

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David Loveluck · Sep 28, 2015 1m read
Ensemble Getting Started

Are you new to Ensemble? InterSystems provides several tools to learn the basics of Ensemble and get on your way to becoming an expert in the technology. Before installing Ensemble, take a look at the Ensemble Technology Overview and Getting Started with Ensemble in documentation. Respectively, these documents explain features and major components of Ensemble as well as how to install the software.

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This document is intended to provide a survey of various High Availability (HA) strategies that can be used in conjunction with InterSystems Caché, Ensemble, and HealthShare Foundation. This document also provides an overview of the various types of system outages that can occur, as well as how each strategy would handle a given outage, with the goal of helping you choose the right strategy for your specific deployment.

The strategies surveyed in this document are based on three different HA technologies:

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How do you balance the need to achieve an early success with SOA against the requirement for an architecture that will deliver long term success? You don't want to get bogged down in architectural committees for three years, but you don't want to make short term decisions that will be roadblocks to long term success.

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David Loveluck · Sep 28, 2015 1m read

The Business Processing Language - for orchestration and long-running business processes.

Ensemble can orchestrate calls to external systems. Very often this is done to implement or automate a long-running business process - that is, real business processes where people interact with a series of different systems to complete complex tasks. BPL (the Business Processing Language) provides a graphical way to create these orchestrations.

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David Loveluck · Sep 28, 2015 1m read
Ensemble Virtual Documents TechFAQ

An introduction to virtual documents

Ensemble virtual documents enable your productions to work with large and complex documents with little overhead.

What is a virtual document?

A virtual document is a special kind of Ensemble message, for use with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) messages and with XML documents.

How are virtual documents different from standard messages?

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David Loveluck · Sep 28, 2015 1m read

Ensemble is based on message flow, and a data transformation is a way to convert from one message type to another. DTL (Data Transformation Language) adds a layer to this - it provides a graphical way to do the conversion. This is really helpful because most of the time, people with domain-specific knowledge may not have extensive coding skills. However, you always have the ability to do some coding, so if you need or want to, this is available.

DTL has several components: the data transformation engine, the language itself, and the DTL editor.

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This paper describes how Ensemble behaves after a system crash or similar uncontrolled shutdown or failover. Ensemble is normally configured to start processing messages automatically when the operating system restarts or when the system has failed over to a cluster member or mirror member. No manual intervention is required. But, in order for your system to robustly handle system failure and restart, you must understand how Ensemble handles these conditions and develop your productions using the rules and guidelines in this document.

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HL7 V2 message routing solutions often have hundreds of business services, processes and operations. Inevitably things will go wrong and you have to monitor the production to be able to react quickly and resolve any problems before they can become serious issues.

Ensemble includes some powerful alerting capabilities that can help, but if you aren't careful you will be inundated with alerts and your inbox more or less becomes a copy of the event log defeating the object of the exercise.

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Application integration at its simplest is often just one application sending a message to another to notify it of some change. Perhaps when a patient arrives at a hospital, the registration system will send a message to clinical systems so they have all demographic data ready to use. Of perhaps it is just a nightly file transfer from the sales system to the accounting system.

But modern application integration platforms or suites can do a lot more than this to help applications work together and add real value to the enterprise.

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The Business Case for InterSystems Ensemble

This document presents a business case for replacement of older interface engine software with our next-generation rapid integration product, Ensemble. To illustrate the business case, our primary example will be an InterSystems customer (Metro Health Corporation) that replaced its SeeBeyond eGate (now Sun SeeBeyond) interface engine with Ensemble. Other organizations also will comment on reasons for switching to Ensemble.

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