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I have used this in order to call python code in the server, it calls bcrypt encryption in python.

  Set password = "password"
  Set tSC = ##class(EnsLib.JavaGateway.Service).RunCommandViaCPIPE("python -c 'import bcrypt; print(bcrypt.hashpw("_$c(34)_password_$c(34)_", bcrypt.gensalt(10)))'",.pDevice,.pOutput)
  Write pOutput,!

Is it possible?: Yes
Is it a good idea: No

Proof of concept of bad idea:

Class Rest.BadExample Extends %CSP.Page

Parameter CHARSET = "utf-8";

Parameter CONTENTTYPE = "application/json";

ClassMethod OnPage() As %Status

  Set String = "[ {code:1,description:'cat'},{code:2,description:'lyon'}]"
  Write String

  Quit $$$OK


As Eduard said, you should make your own class that inherits from %CSP.REST

A simple example that you can follow is in the ENSDEMO namespace, the class is Demo.REST.MathService.cls

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