· Feb 14, 2017 1m read

Portal tip: Feel at home on the Home page

Until recently I didn't pay much attention to Portal's home page:

If it's not showing when you initially launch Portal you can easily jump to it using the button / tab at the top of the left-hand column of options. And later during your session, get there via the Home link that will be visible at the top of every page.

On the Home page the "Recent" section is automatically maintained for you.

To use the "Favorites" section you need to tag your favorite pages. Suppose I want to add the production monitor page as a favorite. Here's how:

1. Navigate the menu to find the link for the page you want.

2. Notice how when you mouse over the option you get one tip when over the text...

...and a different one when you hover anywhere else over the cell:

3. Click when you're in a region that gives the second tip. My first screenshot in this article highlights a suitable region.

4. Voila! Some extra controls appear, including the one that lets you add the option to your favorites:

Having clicked on that link and OKed the alert, my home page now looks like this:

I've no idea why the page title is "Production" in the Favorites section but "Production Configuration" in the Recent section. It doesn't really matter, as both links take you to the same place. The entry in Recent will eventually get displaced by other more recent ones (the list holds a maximum of six entries) but your Favorites will persist.

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