Tom Philippi · Feb 20, 2017

How to set a date in an ensemble production test message

I have a business operation in an ensemble production to which I can send a test message which requires a date input. However, I can not seem to find out how I write the date in the test message. 1980-01-01, 01-01-1980, 50000 (cache integer encoding). But I constantly get an error:  <ZODAT> zDateOfBirthDisplayToLogical+1^Ckey.Customer.1

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Just figured it out myself; 01/01/1980 is accepted.

Yes, the web wizard uses the Display Format in this case.

It can be adjusted through the Format Parameter:

"The format specification for the data type's display value. The value of the FORMAT parameter corresponds to the available parameters of the $ZDATE and $ZDATEH functions, which are used to perform the formatting. " [Online Documentation]