· Feb 27, 2017

SSH with key pair authentication error Ensemble operation

I am having a problem getting pair key authentication to work on my local PC. I am using freeSShd as the SFTP server. I generated private and public keys using putty gen . I used these keys to successfully log into the root directory using both Winscp and Putty. But this is not working with an FTP Operation. Below is the error that results. freeSSHd server log shows that I log in but immediately disconnect.

I am working on HS2015.1.1 Please help !!

failed for localhost:22/SFTP/SSL='!SFTP'/PubKey='C:\Users\myhiddenusername\KeysForFreeSSHd\myhiddenusername'/PrivKey='C:\Users\myhiddenusername\PrivateKeysForSShd\myhiddenusernamePrivateKey.ppk' with error ERROR #7500: SSH AuthenticateWithKeyPair Error '-2146430957': SSH Error [80101013]: Callback returned error [80101013] at .\Session.cpp:313,0 [zAuthenticateWithKeyPair+2^%Net.SSH.Session.1 zConnectSSH+5

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