· Jan 20, 2017

Is it possible to query on Production items using Deep See?

My group needs to be able to monitor items / tasks, and let a non-management-portal user see the monitoring.  Is it possible to run DeepSee queries on Production items?  I feel like I should not be recreating the production environment or the task manager just so that I can query on the items that are running, and on their states (like "successful" or "send email").


Also, I need to log custom events for each task, and I'm running into difficulties with the task manager in this regard; hence the question about using the Production instead, but querying it.




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Yes, you can query everything  you see in Message Viewer and Event Viewer. Their code is defined in EnsPortal.MessageViewer.zen and EnsPortal.EventLog.zen respectively. You can see the queries these pages use and adapt them, or inherit from them and publish it as another separate web application.

Also, here's modification example - Ensemble Log Viewer with namespace support.