· Dec 8, 2016

EnsembleWorkflow REST API - JSON Documentation?

Hi all (and specifically Eduard L. ;)

The Ensemble Workflow REST API provided here:

(and mentioned before in this Community, also as the basis of the Angular UI, also available in the same Git) 

Has some very basic documentation as to how to work with the API (which also seems to be possibly a little out-dated as I think the /login URL is deprecated, for example).

Is there somewhere a more comprehensive documentation of this API?

Some of the API calls are quite simple and straightforward but others [specifically POST /tasks/:id] require in-depth knowledge of the Workflow Worklist object and it's Task sub-parts, as well as internal conventions of the FormEngine class of the Workflow package (like setting an '$ACCEPT' value in the %Action property, etc.).

One could introspect the structres of the objects and the code in FormEngine, and/or sniff out the JSON used by the Angular UI and use that as a sample, but it would be more convenient if such documentation already existed.


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