Thomas Kotze · Jan 23, 2017

FieldTest for Ubuntu


Is there a install kit available for ubuntu.  I have tried the Suse Install kit .

Got: The installer can't find a platform in this distribution supported by your system




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Hi Alexander,

We have Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS   and I have tried install kit ensemble-2017.1.0.748.0-lnxsusex64

For my info , will there in future be a install kit specific for Ubuntu, if I use the install kit for Suse now and want to upgrade when that is released will that be ok? 


This is only for development not production.





Thank you,  Could you please check into this for me?


Is it possible to get  a copy of the Ubuntu kit if available?




Hello Thomas,


Since you are having an issue with a field test, please open a WRC case so we can get you the kit and investigate the trouble.


Kind regards, Erik