· Feb 14, 2017

How to use Ensemble Service Registry for REST Business Operation


I have Healthshare/Ensemble version 2015.2.1.

I created Business Operation in my ENSDEMO namespace that will connect to an external REST endpoint to send data to this external REST Service.

I also created an http service in Home>Healthshare>Service Registry, under the Service Type: http. I entered the REST endpoint Name, Host, SSL Configuration, and URL.

In my ENSDEMO production, the Business Operation is using EnsLib.HTTP.OutboundAdpater and my custom Rest business operation class. In the Basic Settings, for HTTP Server, I entered #NameofRegistryService. The HTTP Port and URL fields remain blank. 

However, this is not working. It is not using the Healthshare Service Registry I created which has the Host,URL, and SSL Configuration.


How do you get the REST Business Operation in the Ensemble production to use the settings stored in Service Registry entry in the Healthshare Service Registry?


Thanks in Advance,

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