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Using Ensemble 2018.1.2, I'm using the pInput.Attributes("FTPDir") to get the full difectory of the filename (where pInput is %Stream.Object) when I have a root directory defined (e.g. /send) and the property Subdirectory Levels = 2.

I also, was trying to find a way  to use the subfolders of the file that's on the server to either run a rule or more simply, create the same folders on our side.  When the production service uses Subdirectory Levels, this subfolder information is not part of the ..Adapter.FilePath (e.g. the root folder is /send, the file is /send/sub1/sub2/testfile.txt, Subdirectory Levels=2, but the Adapter.FilePath = /send/testfile.txt)

However, using the FTPDir attribute of the %Stream.Object gives me the full directory of the source object, from which I can "piece" together appropriate storage path on our end.


Hi Keith, I am sorry! In a SQL database (MySQL, Oracle...), is there a way to drop a table (not a view; a Table) without deleting data?

If you really want to remove the SQL table but keep the data, you can merge the global that stores the actual data into a diffefrent global, such as merge ^SavedData = ^Package.TablenameD (You have to find the right global name from the Storage in the class).

This could take a few minutes to complete. Then you can delete the class.  I don't recommend this.

I suggest you contact IS to help you create a table definition that can be indexed, and perhaps populate this new table with your current data - perhaps a new table will be more efficient. IS is very helpful when it comes to support. And, let us know how it goes!



Definitely remove the MAXLEN! I had copied code from my own page, and changed the name of the variable, but not its MAXLEN property. An aside: note that the efault MAXLEN is 50, which I run up against, a lot.   

And do read the documentation that Jean sent out.  I had to read the documentation many times to get it all, and I still go back to it.

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