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Hi Motti,

in some projects we faced similar situations. We finally took as Sean mentioned as #2  the Enterprise Message Bank solution and spent some effort in having build specialised SearchTables  - which are populated through Ens.Enterprise.MsgBank.BankHelperClass and implement its OnBankMsg().

The regular message searches are now done in the MessageBank.

And sure, some custom purge methods would help to leave everything in one namespace as you mentioned.

Kind regards,


From a technical point Eduard mentioned the most straight forward way.

Another option would be to subclass EnsLib.File.OutboundAdapter. Having only one Put* call.

There for you may introduce a SecondFilePath setting. Overwriting the Put* methods using ##super() could then easiliy produce more than one filecopy.

Yes, the web wizard uses the Display Format in this case.

It can be adjusted through the Format Parameter:

"The format specification for the data type's display value. The value of the FORMAT parameter corresponds to the available parameters of the $ZDATE and $ZDATEH functions, which are used to perform the formatting. " [Online Documentation]

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