John Murray · Feb 14, 2017 1m read

Portal tip: Use the search box

User interfaces such as Portal often give us multiple ways of doing a task. Sometimes we stick with habits and don't realize that another way might save us time.

Here's one that I learned by watching someone else using Portal.

Use the Search box to get quickly to a page that may otherwise be several layers deep in the Portal hierarchy. For example, suppose I want to check the status of the ECP networking:

Clicking on a match doesn't take me direct to the page (or am I missing a trick here?). Instead it gives me this:

And now a click takes me to the page I want.

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I use this all the time.  It does save me time but I wish I could save another click by not having to do an additional one each time (once in search, once in list, as shown above).  

I use this a lot as well, but I really wish it could magically search across our kajillion different HealthShare servers/namespaces.  :(

Thanks for sharing this, John! This is really handy feature and I use it much too.