Scott Beeson · Mar 1, 2016

Recommend software for creating XSLT transforms?

I'll be doing my first xml transform soon and I'm hoping to find a good graphical mapping tool to generate the XSLT.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  I've tried the demo of Altova MapForce and it's exactly what I want but it's super expensive.  Working for a non-profit it would be nice if I could find a free or cheap solution.

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Altova's tools are the best in my opinion. XMLSpy is the best viewer and MapForce makes XSLT creation very easy. I have never found an open-source or less-expensive alternative but maybe someone else in the community has.

Yeah I might just see if they'll drop the 400 bucks.  It really is good.

Is there some reason you don't just code it by hand?

Is there some reason you don't just code it by hand?

If you are familiar with XSL, then you can create your XSL stylesheet manually via any text editor.  Then there are some free online XML/XSL transform testing tools so you can see if your XSL is transforming the XML as expected.

Good luck and Happy Coding......