Kurro Lopez · Jan 4, 2017

SFTP Unable to send FXP_OPEN error

Hi all,

I've a problem with EnsLib.FTP.OutboundAdapter

I've configured this adapter using a SFTP connection, it has been working the first time but now its raising the following error message:

ERROR <Ens>ErrFTPPutFailed: FTP: error al colocar archivo '1600000107279008930.pdf' (mensaje='Error in SFTP Put('C:\stream\','mypath/1600000107279008930.pdf') ERROR #7500: Error SSH '-2146430933': SSH Error [8010102B]: Unable to send FXP_OPEN* [8010102b] at SFTP.cpp:539,0',código=0)

This is part of my code:

    try {
        set name = pRequest.FileName
        set ..Adapter.FilePath = pRequest.FilePath

        set tSC = ..Adapter.PutStream(name, pRequest.DocBase64)
        if $$$ISERR(tSC) $$$ThrowStatus(tSC)

    } catch ex {
        set ret = ex.AsStatus()
    quit ret

is there any idea about this error?

Thanks in advance


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This error is most often due to the TCP connection going away without the adaptor realizing it.  If the problem is a network issue, the error may go away once that's resolved.  If StayConnected is set to a large value (or -1), it may also help to set it to a small, positive value (such as 5 or 10).  This value controls how many seconds of idle time the adaptor allows.  If it's currently higher than one of the TCP timeouts in your connection, that could account for the error.

Thanks for the answer, it was configured to -1, I've updated this value and this error doesn't appears anymore

It's possible that your connection has closed out from under the SFTP adapter. Do you have the StayConnected setting set at -1? If so, try changing this to 0, which will cause the adapter to only keep the connection open until it completes its operation.

Thanks, you are right, this values was -1