Currently we are using Health Share 2015.2.2, and looking to upgrade to the latest version in the next month.

From what I understand we have to upgrade to 2017 or 2018 prior to going to 2019.1 since 2019.1 is on the IRIS platform.

In trying to outline my steps in the upgrade process I came up with a question.

  • Can a Full System Backup from 2015.2.2 be restored into 2019.1?
  • Do I have to restore the 2015.2.2 back up into 2017 or 2018, then do the 2019.1 conversion?

Has anyone had experience with this? or should I open a ticket with WRC?

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Hi, I have used CSP to exec SQL selects from  any own NAMESPACE. But in our servers we have many SQL GATEWAY CONNECTIONS.

I'd like to create a CSP page that could use these gateway to exec SQL using these gateway connections, only Administrators will use that page to launch many select at many dsn. I'm not sure if we must deploy that CSP on %SYS namespace and how to use DSN(SQL Gateway connections) that are defined on server.

Anoyone has made that?

For example:




CSP Webpage:

TEXTBOX: Introduce your select:

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Hello everyone,

We have a process that is listening to an FTP service to collect some CSV files and process them. The process works correctly and when it ends it clears the directory waiting for it to enter some other file.

We have been receiving the following error message for a long time:

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Hi, Is there a way to count the number of segments in a HL7 Mesage? I tried the examples from the other answers but nothing works for me.

I am writing a function to get the last OBX segment field value 5. Below is a sample screenshot of what I want.

The number of obx segments can change, so I want to count the last obx segment and then get the field 5 value.

Would appreciate some guidance on this.

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I am currently working with a "Stem Cell" supplier who do not have any/much Interface capability to push "Bone Marrow" harvest information. But willing to develop an HL7 feed/ WSDL capability.

It will be ideal, if I can get this via HL7 as much as possible and wondering if anyone has used HL7 to transmit bone marrow CD34, CD3 makers, product location and Harvest information? if so can you please advise which HL7 messages are ideal and some sample messages if possible please?

How about 

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Scott Roth · Aug 27, 2019
Documentation while upgrading

I am trying to work through our upgrading steps from 2015.2.2 to Health Connect 2019.1. Is there a place online I can access previous versions of Health Connect documentation? I am specifically looking for Health Connect 2018.1.2 documentation so I can understand the upgrade process on AIX.



Scott Roth

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Hello all,
I'm trying to write tests for an interoperability production using %UnitTest.TestProduction. I'd like to control the behavior of the SOAP operations so they don't actually connect to external systems when I'm testing. My first thought for this is to create a mock outbound adapter class that answers with some configured class method:

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Oliver Wilms · Aug 13, 2019
Dashboard - Line Graph


I want to create a dashboard with a line graph that shows system availability over time. I used this code to create a Dashboard:


            Set tItem = ##class(%DeepSee.UserLibrary.Link).%New()
                Set tItem.fullName = "Availability"
                Set tPage = "Availability.UI.CSVImport.zen"
                Set tItem.href = $system.CSP.GetPortalApp($namespace,tPage)_tPage
                Set tItem.title = "Availability"
                Set tSC = tItem.%Save()


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Leon Duveen · Aug 20, 2019
Adding a header line to a file

I have set up a process to produce a daily file to be submitted to another system and this is working (using EnsLib.RecordMap.Operation.FileOperation).  However, the file needs to have a header line added each time it is created so it can be processed by the down stream system.  Looking though EnsLib.RecordMap.Operation.FileOperation and EnsLib.File.OutboundAdapter, I can't see where I can do this easily.  Any suggestions?


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Scott Roth · Aug 19, 2019
Filter by time in Routing Rule

I have a colleague that is trying to eliminate any HL7 transactions that have admit date/time of midnight from going to an downstream system within a routing rule. I have tried several different iterations of code trying to figure this out just in the routing editor. Without having to write an object script function is this possible?

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Object Synchronization is a feature that has been around for a while, since Caché days, but I wanted to explore a bit more how it works. I've always thought that database automatic synchronization is complex by nature but, for some particular scenarios shouldn't be so hard. So I considered a very simple use case (OK, perhaps the typical one, I'm not discovering anything... but if it's common and it works, it's good wink ).

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I have a ORU message, which has a EVN segment that I want to remove and send the message across.

I tried to clone the request as below:

s newreq = request.constructClone

s changreq = newreq.RemoveSegmentAt("EVN")

Set request  = changereq

but it fails. Is there a way that I can safely remove a segment and pass it on?

Would appreciate your help in this



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Hello All.

In need of some help.

We are currently migrating Interfaces from JCAPS to HealthConnect 19.1 and have done a lot of work on our Dev server.  I am looking to copy/export this work over to the Test server and have managed to export the production and Rules, HL7 custom Schemas etc.  The only thing left now are the Data Transformations but so far I can only find ways of copying the transformations over individually.  Is there some way to copy all of the transformations we have produced in our namespace to another server in one go?  


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Mohana priya · Aug 8, 2019
Business Process

I had written one .net service for excel validation , after validation the data will be inserted in DB. I am getting value from an outbound message but the values are not inserting in DB. i have two classes one is for reading the value from excel and convert that into ensemble objects, here i am getting value. Another class for inserting the values from the ensemble objects but here i given a global variable for checking . It's shows global variable does not exist. I don't why it's not entering to 2nd class. Please give me the step by step explanation

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I would like to allow some departmental user to view the  ensemble portal.  I want to make sure they are not allowed to  do any changes (like stop and start interfaces from portal)

I have created  one userbut limited with SQL privilages.  But  using this account,  the portal view is not accessible.

It would be appreciated if anyone can adice me on this. I know this may be a silly question.




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Good Afternoon,

I'm working on a API documentation that wil be interactive, it's based on a BS class on Ensemble.

The objective on making the documentation is simplify the undestanding of the operation for those who are not acquainted with the Ensemble environment.

My problem is, when using Postman to test a operation the indentation appears as such:

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We are developing an interface in Ensemble (v.2018) and would like to have common data visible and updatable from more than one namespace (sort of a lookup, but with more fields).

I can create a table in one namespace and inserting into it, let's say using SQL from the portal. I can also map that table to another namespace. It becomes visible there as a table, but new records inserted in one cannot be seen from the another namespace.

I am reading the documentation, but still no answer. Any help to speed me up?

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 Pre-requisite - Basic knowledge of ENSEMBLE and ObjectScript

My both previous sessions were related to OBJECTSCRIPT.
This time, we are going to add a flavour Ensemble/Healthshare,
to be informative and fast.

In this session we are going to discuss about - 
"Informative and Fast WEB API VIA ObjectScript and Ensemble/HealthShare"

Web API can be REST or SOAP. We will taking example of SOAP in this session.
However, whatever I demonstrate today, will also be applicable for REST.

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​​​​​​We have Full time or Part Time Cache\ENSEMBLE\IRIS programmer positions available with our UK and US/North American teams.

For details on what we do and our products please see our web site  

Interested persons should email reply to

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