Scott Roth · Sep 5, 2019

Upgrading from 2015.2.2 to Health Connect 2019.1

Currently we are using Health Share 2015.2.2, and looking to upgrade to the latest version in the next month.

From what I understand we have to upgrade to 2017 or 2018 prior to going to 2019.1 since 2019.1 is on the IRIS platform.

In trying to outline my steps in the upgrade process I came up with a question.

  • Can a Full System Backup from 2015.2.2 be restored into 2019.1?
  • Do I have to restore the 2015.2.2 back up into 2017 or 2018, then do the 2019.1 conversion?

Has anyone had experience with this? or should I open a ticket with WRC?


Scott Roth

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

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Hello Scott,

I'm not sure of the full background and context of your upgrade process so I would definitely recommend running this by your sales team, who might refer you to the WRC.

A normal Caché based HealthShare to Caché based HealthShare upgrade won't affect your user databases so why do you need to restore backups at all? What kind of databases are you concerned about? Through your upgrade process won't the databases be preserved and converted as necessary? You can then compile after the conversion.

Have you reviewed the IRIS adoption document available on the WRC distributions page, and have you received a copy of the Health Connect conversion guide from the WRC or your sales team?

I should of explained this a bit better.

We have 3 servers, 2 (A,B) Locally, 1 (C) offsite.

Currently we are running on Server B. If I do a backup of Server B on 2015.2.2, can I restore it on Server C after it has been upgraded to 2019.1. 

I was wondering if the Full System Backups were compatible across versions of Health Share/Health Connect, since 2019.1 everything changed from ccontrol to iris.

I thought I would give this a shot before bugging WRC, but I'll go ahead and ask them.



Hello Scott,

Thank you for clarifying. HealthShare Health Connect 2019.1 is built with IRIS so it will not accept a Caché online backup. A CACHE.DAT file can be renamed to IRIS.DAT to be used by IRIS which is documented in the IRIS adoption guide.

I do not think you need to upgrade to 2017/18 before upgrading to 2019. Yo can directly upgrade to 2019 , but you need to change few classes manually.

Whats the format of your backup , is it dat files? I guess its safe to take the data backup(not code)

The code backup cannot be restored directly into 2019 as there are few library change. One of the main change that needs to be done manually is JSON library changes.

Does this answer your question.

You need to be on HealthShare core 15.03 or later to take advantage of the in-place conversion for HealthShare Health Connect. I believe HealthShare Health Connect built with Caché 2015.2.2 is not a new enough HealthShare core version.

Outside of that, it may be possible to manually convert to InterSystems IRIS but I presume that would be more effort than going through two supported upgrades.