SOAP Fault Error <ZSOAP>

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Hi All,

While Executing Custom SOAP fault got an error.Please help me out of this.


Sample Code:

set fault=##class(%SOAP.Fault).%New()
set fault.faultcode=$$$FAULTServer
set fault.detail="<mymessage>Division error detail</mymessage>"
set fault.faultstring="Division error"
// ReturnFault must be called to send the fault to the client.
// ReturnFault will not return here.
do ..ReturnFault(fault)


Error Details:



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<ZSOAP> is just a summary not more meaning than "there was an error"

for the details, I'd suggest to analyze variable %objlasterror

eg. set detail=$system.Status.GetErrorText(%objlasterror)

set fault.detail="<mymessage>"_detail_"</mymessage>"