· Aug 4, 2019

Online Learning - Informative and Fast WEB API VIA ObjectScript and Ensemble/HealthShare

 Pre-requisite - Basic knowledge of ENSEMBLE and ObjectScript

My both previous sessions were related to OBJECTSCRIPT.
This time, we are going to add a flavour Ensemble/Healthshare,
to be informative and fast.

In this session we are going to discuss about - 
"Informative and Fast WEB API VIA ObjectScript and Ensemble/HealthShare"

Web API can be REST or SOAP. We will taking example of SOAP in this session.
However, whatever I demonstrate today, will also be applicable for REST.

In today's Session, we will creating 2 versions of same API and will Compare there performance using tool called SOAP UI and will collect performance metrics. We dont need to have licesnced version of SOAP UI for this session.. so worries.

If you have any questions or suggestion, please write to me -


PPT - FastInformativeAPI

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