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How should I go about it to add a page to the EnsPortal? I want to display a dashboard like page and I would like to be able to have it accessible from Management Portal. I hope there is a better way than typing the URL in address bar. Is the menu for Management Portal editable?



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Two ways I know how to add your page:

1. To DeepSee User Portal (from Analyze This):

Set tItem=##class(%DeepSee.UserLibrary.Link).%New()
Set tItem.fullName="Analyze This"
Set tPage="AnalyzeThis.UI.CSVImport.zen"
Set tItem.href=$system.CSP.GetPortalApp($namespace,tPage) _ tPage
Set tItem.title="Analyze This"
Set tSC=tItem.%Save()

2. To Favorites:

set sc = ##class(%SYS.Portal.Users).%AddFavorite("Name", "URL")