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You have a stream property which is a part of the request message that you pass to a BO.
Please be more specific with what exactly do you want to do with that stream ? (
for example:create a file, use it with rest, use it with SQL, iterate on a json/xml, store in db etc.).
Then we can help you.

It's a %GlobalCharacter stream.

In BPL I need to create it and write a few lines inside before sending it to BO.


You may find documentation on how to work with streams here: 

in BPL you can add a "code" element where you can create and populate your stream with data,. or you can add a "call" element to call a classmethod where you implement the code.

For example: to create a stream and write some data into it :
(if you need to have this stream data vailable for other components of the BPL it is best to use a %context property for it)

set stream  = ##class(%Stream.GlobalCharacter).%New()
do stream.Write("some text")
do stream.Write(%request.anyproperty)
do stream.Write(%context.anyproperty)

in your request / response messages to pass to BO you will have to add a stream property :

Property MyProp As %Stream.GlobalCharacter;