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Worked with the WRC and we identified the following configurations/changes were required to resolve this issue:

  1. Specify the SSLConfig setting in Ensemble
    1.  Had to include a * in the setting for legacy FTPS (otherwise it would not connect at all)
  1. Ensemble does not support session resumption (if required by the vendor hosting the server). 
    1. Reached out to vendor for them to disable it.
    2. Additionally there were two FTP commands that needed to be sent PBSZ 0 (Protection Buffer Size) and PROT P (Protection Data Channel).  These need to be run after the connection is made but before the write/save of the file on the server.

                                do ..Adapter.Connect()

                                do ..Adapter.FTP.sendCommand("PBSZ 0")
                                do ..Adapter.FTP.sendCommand("PROT P")



Hey Eduard,

Thanks so much for the quick response! 

#1.  It looks like creating a new App.FTP.InboundAdapter class extending the EnsLib version and removing the adapter settings in there worked.  I also removed those property/SETTINGS from my App.FTP.InboundService Class as mentioned.

#2.  $classname(..Adapter.FTP) was returning the FTPInboundAdapter but using ..Adapter.FTP.%sftpSession.MkDir() did work.


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