Jimmy Christian · Aug 1, 2019

Constraint Editor Business Rule Source

Hello Community,

For the Business Rules in a process i want to use a constraint where source could be FromA or FromB.

But looks like the constraint does not allow multiple source values.

Is there a way to provide multiple source in Constraint? Or is there a way in Rules to identify the Source ?


Jimmy Christian

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I've noticed this as well, it seems you have two choices:

  1. Duplicate the rule using a different source on the new rule.  
  2. Ignore the source and use other parameters in the message and/or use a rule function to decide on the routing of the package.   
    • Your class should Extend Ens.Rule.FunctionSet 
    • For example your functioin could use a lookup table to decide your routing

With the use of functions you might be able to accomplish exactly what you want.


You can use the Source property to identify the component that sent the message into the router:

Thank you Jeffrey.  This is very helpful.

I didnt realize we can use Source property in the Condition.

Also if you do not do  a Return,  multiple rules will be executed unless none is met or some rule does a return.

Thanks Neerav. That is correct.