· Sep 4, 2019

BS FTP error waiting for files

Hello everyone,

We have a process that is listening to an FTP service to collect some CSV files and process them. The process works correctly and when it ends it clears the directory waiting for it to enter some other file.

We have been receiving the following error message for a long time:

ERROR <Ens>ErrGeneral: Error in SFTP Dir() ERROR #7500: Error DirEnum SSH '-2146430967': 'SSH Error [80101009]: Would block waiting for status message [80101009] at SFTP.cpp:150,0

This happens when there are no files to process and appears from time to time, maybe every 20 minutes.

The adapter configuration is as follows:

The class that is used is extended from EnsLib.RecordMap.Service.FTPService and the OnProcessInput method has been overwritten to control the records instead of processing each of the records in the Business Process.

This error message is being given before processing anything, since there are no traces that indicate that you have entered this method, so I think it has to be something else or some configuration.

Any clue as to why you are giving this random error message?


Best regards,

Francisco Lopez

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Francisco, I think you got the same type of errors couple of years back also. 

This error is most often due to the TCP connection going away without the adaptor realizing it.  If the problem is a network issue, the error may go away once that's resolved.  If StayConnected is set to a large value (or -1), it may also help to set it to a small, positive value (such as 5 or 10).  This value controls how many seconds of idle time the adaptor allows.  If it's currently higher than one of the TCP timeouts in your connection, that could account for the error.

Last time, we have a value of 10 and the error increases more frequently, even when I was loading files.

So, the idea is to put a value like 30 seconds to allow that time the TCP disconnection. If I change the value to 30 (or 60), can the process open the TCP connection automatically and try to connect to FTP? If I leave it indefinitely (-1), is there a way to make the connection again?