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New Badges're already on Global Masters Advocacy Hub

We're happy to announce that this year we again introduced three annual badges on Global Masters Advocacy Hub to let you remember how much you contributed to Developer Community in 2018. Here they are:

 DC Best-Selling Author 2018
 DC Expert 2018
 DC Opinion Leader 2018

Let's take a closer look at the DC Wall of Fame 2018 and greet everyone with big applause! 

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Hi Community! Here is a digest of the Most Noticed InterSystems Developer Community Questions for 2019. Please welcome!
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Hey Developers!

Please check out the 2020 annual Developer Community Posts digest. Don't miss the most popular and commented posts!
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Hi Community!

This is the update on what are the new applications submitted on OpenExchange in June 2019!

New Applications

Example Backup Task published by @Sergey Mikhailenko

Sample database backup copying task with prior deletion of outdated copies

A more useful Object Dump published by @Robert Cemper

This small helper class allows you to dump an object to terminal or
e.g in background to some stream for later review.

Samples BI published by @Evgeny Shvarov on behalf of InterSystems

This is a technology example of InterSystems Business Analytics tool with Cubes, Pivots, MDX Queries and Dashboards. The Sample is  formerly known as "Holefoods "

Interjob communication Demo published by @Robert Cemper

It's internal variant of PIPE

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Hi Developers!

This is the digest of new solutions and applications submitted to InterSystems OpenExchange in March 2020!

22 New applications in March 2020

isc-generate-db by Henrique Gonçalves Dias

Creating a new database, namespace, CSP/REST Application never been so easy.

cmPurgeBackup by @Alexey Maslov

 cmPurgeBackup is an utility that can be used to erase old Online Backup files.

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Evgeny Shvarov · Jan 18, 2017
Top 10 Authors in 2016

Hi, Community!

Over 600 different authors posted anything on Developer Community in 2016. 

Developer Community contains some brilliant pieces of content because of you. Thank you!

With one of the latest DC releases we introduced "Member Follow" functionality, so you can open any members' page, follow him and be subscribed to all his new posts and comments.

Just to give you ideas who to follow in 2017 here is top 10 authors in 2016 for several nominations ;)

All the nominations do not include postings within Developer Community tag or group.

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Hi, Community!

This post is a digest of the Developer Community postings in June 2018.

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Atelier 1.2 Stable Release  230

InterSystems IRIS Data Platform 2018.1.1 Release  199

"IF THEN - $SELECT - $CASE" - What is the best way?  179

$CASE For Long Stories  148

Translate a number to text  147

Sort ordering  141

Extending method keywords  138

Stop Storing Atelier Credentials  133


Multi Language Sort  125

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Atelier 1.2 Stable Release  7

Translate a number to text  7

InterSystems IRIS Data Platform 2018.1.1 Release  6

Multi Language Sort  5

InterSystems on DeveloperWeek NYC, June 18-20  5

Atelier at EclipseCon France 2018  4

Installation Manifest - I can disabled the journal globals by the XML?  3

Creating SSL-Enabled Mirror on InterSystems IRIS Using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)  3

One simple Docker trick to halve your image build time  2

DC June 2018 Release  2

Most commented

Communication link failure trying to access Studio  15

$CASE For Long Stories  14

How to convert page number to roman numeral in ZEN Report?  14

Extending method keywords  13

How to navigate to parent of Serial Object?  12

Kill process started by JOB  11

Custom file pass through Operation writing out unreadable pdf files  11

Has anyone tried REST API Put Or Post on AWS S3 ?  10

%ProcessError+6 ^%Net.Remote.Proxy.1 error occurs inconsistently  10

How to Update Caché User Full Name field via SQL?  9

Top 10 Authors to Follow by Views

Francisco LópezPosts,  147

Eduard LebedyukPosts,  73

Daniel KutacPosts,  45

Pete GreskoffPosts,  34

Top 10 Experts to Follow

Nicole AaronAnswers,  +11

Robert CemperAnswers,  +10

Eduard LebedyukAnswers,  +9

Vitaliy SerdtsevAnswers,  +7

Benjamin SpeadAnswers,  +4

Francisco LópezAnswers,  +4

Evgeny ShvarovAnswers,  +3

Dmitry MaslennikovAnswers,  +3

Gilberto JuniorAnswers,  +3

Timothy LeavittAnswers,  +2

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Hi Community!

This is the update on what are the new applications submitted on OpenExchange in January and February 2019


This is a tiny example of how to run a server command from within Caché / Ensemble / IRIS and get back the full output as seen in any server command shell.


QEWD.js is a Node.js framework for REST APIs, interactive WebSocket and/or Ajax applications, capable of running as a monolithic application or split across MicroServices. Fully supports Cache, Ensemble and IRIS, allowing use of existing Cache ObjectScript code, Cache Objects and Cache SQL, but also allows the database to be abstracted as a persistent JSON / Document database.


With this simple Business Operation, you can easily leverage your predictive models (saved as PMML) in a Production. There's both a generic BO and a utility method that allows you to generate dedicated operation / request / response classes.


Helps to generate fake/test data for development purposes

WsockClient.csp and WsocClient.js

Web socket clients on CSP  and InterSystems node.js adapter to collect end manage data transferred to the client in InterSystems IRIS or Caché 

CachéQuality for VSCode by @Daniel Tamajon 

IDE extension that helps you detect and fix quality issues as you write code. Like a spell checker, this extension squiggles flaws so they can be fixed before committing code. You can get it directly from the VS Code Marketplace and it will then detect new bugs and quality issues as you code (ObjectScript and JavaScript)

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Hi Developers!

This is the digest of new solutions and applications submitted to InterSystems OpenExchange in January 2020!

New applications in January 2020

OUReports by Irina Yaroshevskaya

Online reporting tool for InterSystems IRIS. Online User Reports - automatically analyzes data - generates automated reports - provides interface for ad hoc reports - conducts statistical research. Learn more on OUReports.com

Samples-Aviation by InterSystems

Provides sample data for use in exploring InterSystems IRIS Text Analytics capabilities.

objectscript-package-example by Evgeny Shvarov

ObjectScript Package example with a simplified folder structure to edit/compile/collaborate with InterSystems IRIS, Docker and Github.

Reducing Readmission Risks with Realtime ML by Amir Samary

Patient Readmissions are said to be the Hello World of Machine Learning in Healthcare. We use this problem to show how IRIS can be used to safely build and operationalize ML models for real time predictions and how this can be integrated into a random application.

REST Business Activity Monitoring by Stephen Pisani

Send IRIS Business Metrics to a REST Endpoint, or host a REST API to retrieve Business Metric values

eXTreme for IRIS / Caché Example by Iryna Mykhailova

A console .NET application which shows how to access, create and store globals from a .NET application using eXTreme.

zpm-dockerhub by Evgeny Shvarov

repository for publishing zpm enabled images for InterSystems IRIS via Github Actions

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