How to start development


@Sergei Shutov is perfectly right.
In addition, you should consider the future use case:

  • DB centric: stay with Studio
  • Application-centric: consider to work with  (already existing) Source Control and/or other languages: don't start with Studio.
    Especially for developers with Java/Eclipse background Atelier might be the best choice. 
  • Be aware that changing the IDE can cause a drop in productivity for some time.
  • Mixing IDE's over developers is a good base for a lot of headaches.

 As you see it's less the tool but the (future) environment that ranks your decision.

  • The easiest to start and learn and run samples and look around is Studio since it already comes with Cache pre-installed and you don't need to install or configure anything else.
  • Once you are ready to start with your project, switch to Atelier since it comes with integrated Source Control which is essential for project development.


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