How to start development

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  • The easiest to start and learn and run samples and look around is Studio since it already comes with Cache pre-installed and you don't need to install or configure anything else.
  • Once you are ready to start with your project, switch to Atelier since it comes with integrated Source Control which is essential for project development.

@Sergey Shutov is perfectly right.
In addition, you should consider the future use case:

  • DB centric: stay with Studio
  • Application-centric: consider to work with  (already existing) Source Control and/or other languages: don't start with Studio.
    Especially for developers with Java/Eclipse background Atelier might be the best choice. 
  • Be aware that changing the IDE can cause a drop in productivity for some time.
  • Mixing IDE's over developers is a good base for a lot of headaches.

 As you see it's less the tool but the (future) environment that ranks your decision.

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Difficult one to answer, much depends on your background and requirements.

Be aware though that both Studio and Atelier are effectively end of life, with Intersystems only releasing critical fixes, and VSCode ObjectScript is not an Intersystems supported product.  The Serenji VSCode plugin has its own support but is a commercial product.

Despite requests here and in person to various levels at Intersystems they won't provide any plans for development tools which muddies the water somewhat when trying to decide on a toolset.

If I were starting from scratch I would pick VSCode and try out both the ObjectScript and Serenji plugins as these are at least in active development and have better flexibility and support for other third party tools such as GIT and Docker.

I feel studio is best as it falls inside the suite of products offered by Intersystems thus integrates it well with all the technologies in hand and well supported if any issues. 

Though studio can be upgraded a bit to become a little more sophisticated but when a lot of companies still using old mumps code, the upgrade may be an overkill.

Just my 2 cents

I suggest this test to you::

Have a team of >10  developers distributed over the globe:
And then upgrade your Caché development server to the next version of Caché.
You may have a lot of struggles until everybody has installed a version of Studio that is accepted by the server.

After ages, there is finally NOW with IRIS an isolated version of Studio available. 

What do you mean by Isolated version of Studio?

WRC offers a   ***.msi for IRIS Studio. It's backward compatible to Caché 

So you don't need the full WIn Kit just for Studio. 
Especially useful if your target is a docker image. 

Yes, but this holds true for any language or tool.

Developer in Vietnam can't be developing in Java 2, in london on Java 8 and India on Java 12 
Yes as long as the core is same , they all can have different ide's of their choice.

Here as the studio & cache is inter mingled so an upgrade would upgrade all components and obviously in real life upgrading is not a daily activity, its once in few years after loads of testing.