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Hello Stefan,

Thanks for the reference, while I'm still not sure about the step #2 as ^JRNRESTO provides the  (defaulted) option to disable journaling of updates during the restore to make the operation faster, see the step #10 of Restore Globals From Journal Files Using ^JRNRESTO. Besides, this is the only option compatible with parallel dejournaling. So the idea to switch off journaling system-wide looks excessive.


The manual says I should (in short):

  1. Stop journaling with ^JRNSTOP

Which manual does it say? Any manual I've read last 20 years says quite opposite: never stop journaling unless you want to get your system in troubles.
It seems that you should not bother on the subject at all: during the database restore it can't be involved in any users' activity, so there would not exist any journal record on its change.

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