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I have followed these steps both from the GitHub readme file and this more detailed article and I'm having an issue.

To start, however, know I was able to follow the instructions on the the DockerHub page for IRIS and I got my container running and VS Code connected and working.  Since I got that working, I decided to better understand starting with this template.

I downloaded the objectscript-docker-template from GitHub to my local drive K:\objectscript-docker-template.  I ran the commands to install and run the IRIS container in Git Bash and I see it running in Docker Desktop. I can go in the container's command line and type 'iris TERMINAL IRIS' and I'm brought to the USER namespace.

Back in the project location, I run 'docker-compose up -d' and I get a series of errors:

$ docker-compose up -d
Creating objectscript-docker-template_iris_1 ... error

ERROR: for objectscript-docker-template_iris_1  Cannot create container for service iris: status code not OK but 500: {"Message":"Unhandled exception: Filesharing has been cancelled","StackTrace":"   at Docker.ApiServices.Mounting.FileSharing.<DoShareAsync>d__6.MoveNext() in C:\\workspaces\\stable-2.3.x\\src . . .

It goes on and on so I won't paste the whole thing.

If I stop the Docker container it's also deleted.  

Has anyone had a similar issue or can see right off the bat what I might be doing wrong?



I see below that you've asked Raj to get a webinar going, so I will look forward to that!

I think I'm just getting bogged down in terms.  You said that server-side dev is the only option IRIS provides, but so far what I've experienced is that I can edit a .CLS or .MAC file in my local workspace and then on save it's sent to the server (the container running IRIS) and compiled. 

Now that I've saved that file and it's on the server, to continue making changes I should open up the server-side file and continue editing from there?  Or I can continue working on the local and it will overwrite the sever side?

I think I'm seeing your point about commits then.  I edit it locally, it's sent to the server, the server sends it to the repo, and locally I should pull down the repo before continuing any changes. Is that the idea?

The development lifecycle and source control at my work doesn't utilize modern source control (git) and it's my first programming job (no context elsewhere), so it takes me a while to grasp some of these things :)

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