Anastasia Dyubaylo · Jan 11, 2022

Top 2021 Articles for InterSystems Developers

Hey Community,
Please check out the 2021 Annual Dev Community Article Digest with the most popular and commented articles. Thank you all for your contributions to the InterSystems Community in 2021!
General Stats
1,687 posts published in 2021:
    – 234 articles
    – 436 announcements
    – 980 questions
    – 37 discussions
2,451 members joined the Developer Community in 2021
8,930 posts published all time
10,287 members joined all time
Most Popular
Most Discussed
Most Liked
Top 10 Popular Authors in 2021

Top 10 Authors by Articles in 2021

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I'm very happy to be a 2021 top author with 34 articles (14,5% of the total). I love write about InterSystems technologies. Keep Walking!

Nice work everyone!!

Congratulations everyone!

Thank you all for your amazing contributions and for being such a great community!heart