Sap Help · Apr 4, 2019

ODBC Drivers

Hi All,

I would like to download odbc drivers for Cache database to be able to install it on our SQL server.

I am trying to create a linked server to Cache database.

I couldn't find a link for the drivers, there was one post with FTP reference to download but it doesn't seem to work.

I will be grateful for any help.

Thank you


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Thank you Alexander

Very grateful for your reply.

I am not able to access above FTP links, do we have somewhere else to download ODBC driver

Thanks Dmitry.
Can I get 32-bit version of IRIS  ODBC driver? 

Out of curiosity, Sap: does Sap in your name stand for SAP?

I saw a post in March this year saying they decommissioned the FTP site and you now need to contact support.