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We now have continuous integration with Jenkins in Angular.

At a high level, the steps are:

1. add a line like ng test --code-coverage --browsers=ChromeHeadless to your build script

2. have Jenkins publish the code coverage HTML report with it's HTML Reports plugin

3. install karma-junit-reporter and have it output the test report to a location on the build machine where it can be globbed together with other junit test reports you want to publish

I'd be happy to talk about these steps more if anyone is doing the same thing.

That makes a lot of sense that you naturally avoid the abbreviations where the English word carries some significant meaning.  Also, it seems like you naturally avoid abbreviations where the abbreviation carries a sort of misleading semantic meaning. With $case vs $c, $c at first glance looks like some sort of character function, whereas $s and $H don't immediately appear to be something that they're not.

And I forgot about horizontal space; on lines that get long it's not trivial.  That said, things like $select, $HOROLOG, and $piece carry a lot of meaning through the full word, and I think there's value in that.

Side note: for some reason I always want to use $g instead of $get (I don't, but it feels natural).  I think that's because, as a single syllable word which is a very simple operation, after seeing the definition for $get once, $g seems to fit it just as well as the full "get".

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