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Hi Thembelani!

For the new development with containers, the choice number one is InterSystems IRIS. You can try and build your solution with community edtion on AWS, Google or Azure.

If it is a solution in Healthcare I suggest starting even with InterSystems IRIS for Health.

As a development IDE with IRIS you have options of Atelier and now community driven VSCode for ObjectScript. 

My personal preference is VSCode.

OK you seem to have 3 questions here:

1) IRIS or Caché: If you're working with new the answer is IRIS.  IRIS is our "latest and best" and you'll be best off going there.

2) Which IDE: Doesn't matter.  Atelier is an Eclipse based IDE, which is nice if you're used to Eclipse.  I haven't touched VSCode so I can't speak for that.  Studio is our home-grown IDE.  Choose one, I'm not sure it matters at all, as long as you're comfortable using it.

3) How to deploy: In IRIS we have containers for deployment, so if you want to go that direction, great.  However, you might be more comfortable working on your own machine, which you can also do and bring in containerization later (if it makes sense).  Remember, using containers is a tool, and it's not ALWAYS the right tool for the job.

Good luck!  And if you have questions about building your application be sure to let us know!