· May 30, 2018
Git / Atelier question

I posted a question here about a week ago about GIT. I believe we understand it well enough to use. We are still trying to determine the best flow for our needs.

But now the question is how do we integrate this with GIT?

We are new to both Git and Atelier and would love to get advice.

Currently I believe the flow would be something like this:

1.Create a branch from our origin repository (let's say Ticket 123 branch)

2.Download that branch locally to our PCs with Cache running a local instance

3. Checkout Ticket 123 branch locally

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· Jul 4, 2017
Atelier & Git?


we are trying to use Atelier and GitLab for our Software-development. Our Software has round about 1000 classes that got developed over years.

What we want to achieve is that one repository holding the complete code of one namespace. We also want to create branches to develop new small parts.

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Hi -

I've been trying to create a "sub packaged class" (i.e. TopPackage.SubPackage.Classname) but the current version of the "New Class Wizard" doesn't seem to allow me to do this.

If I try to specify a \project\subdirectory in the "Project" or I try to specify a Package.Subpackage form in the "Package", or I try to specify "Subpackage.Classname" in the "Class Name" they ALL fail to give me a "next" or "finish" button that works (the buttons stay greyed out)

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· Apr 26, 2018
Sync problems on startup

Often, the first time I start up Eclipse (Atelier plug-in), all of my local classes indicate "warning" as if they are out-of-sync. When I try to synchronize, I get the following error:

Synchronization failed: [server is broken] java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Provider org.glassfish.jersey.internal.RuntimeDelegateImpl could not be instantiated: java.lang.IllegalStateException: No generator was provided and there is no default generator registered

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I have previously setup an Atelier project and it was running. I recently received the 1.3 release. Now, I am unable to click on the previously established connection to my Cache server (as seen in the Serve Explorer. I see the connection and the little arrow (implying that there is a hierarchy of items underneath). But, clicking that arrow opens nothing. Ultimately, I was trying to access files on the server so that I could add some new ones to my existing Atelier Project.

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I am planning to develop a new ensemble project with REST service, requests, response, business service, process and operations in Atelier. Is there any specific folder/package structure which i can follow? Appreciate any suggestions.

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Hello, I've checked past posts and don't see the answer. Hope someone can help.

I'm working with our commercial version of VistA. Cache 2016.2.

I've connected to the instance and copied a few M routines to my local Atelier project. I edited a comment in the file and attempted to save/compile the routine back to the server.

I'm getting

Synchronization failed: Invalid header in /Encounter Interface/VFD.......

Is there something I'm missing? Thanks in advance.

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Is anyone using Atelier with 3 environments (instances with multiple namespaces) (DEV, TEST, PROD) using GitHub as the source control.

I would be interested in how its all setup. So for example;

Would you have three branches for the code or 3 repo's.

Would you have three projects in Atelier to communicate with the environments and GitHub?

I have 3 existing environments that I wish to put under source control and also provide the ability to promote code between the environments in a controlled manner.

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Is there a way to create a custom ObjectScript formatting profile with Atelier?

I'm looking for something similar to the built-in controls provided with the Eclipse Java formatter.

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In ios machine, I tried to connect atelier server connection . But I got connection refused: check the web server configuration error. Please anyone guide me how I solve this issue.

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I just installed the latest update for Atelier (Version: 1.0.255) and I am trying to add the Ensemble 2016.2 build 736 release to my workspace. It allows me to add all the correct information, test the connection (succeeded) , but the "Finish" button is greyed out so I can't save the configuration. Anyone else seeing this?

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Suppose I have a project in Atelier with two classes: Class A and Class B and develop it in my local Caché installation.

If I decide to delete Class A and delete it in Atelier project will it be deleted in Caché automatically or should I do it manually?

Or what is the suggested workflow in this case?

Same question is if I decide to rename Class B to Class C.

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· Feb 8, 2018 1m read
Atelier security quirk

When defining a server connection in Atelier we are required to enter a username and password because these are mandatory fields in the dialog. However, if the /api/atelier web application definition on that server has only the "Unauthenticated" checkbox set in the section titled "Allowed Authentication Methods", then our Atelier connection will succeed even if we supply an invalid username and/or password.

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· May 25, 2018
Atelier 1.2 Beta Updates - May 2018

Over the past few months, our team has been hard at work building a better Atelier experience for you. With three major new features and more than twenty enhancements, Atelier 1.2.118 makes it easier for you to develop important applications. It now also supports InterSystems IRIS Data Platform™, which enables you to rapidly build scalable, interoperable, and analytical data-rich applications.

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Hi Community,

I'm just editing a class in Atelier. I have added below code into the class.

Set tStream=##class(%Stream.GlobalCharacter).%New()

When I type tStream. , It's not automatically suggesting properties of that object instance in Atelier. If I click "Ctrl+Space", It says "No completions available".

Is this functionality not available in Atelier yet Or Should I make some configuration changes in Atelier to make it available?

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I am trying out Atelier. I have installed it and managed to get it to connect to a cache instance to test it. I have created a local project and I am trying to copy the server files to it using the "Copy to Project" item on the popup menus. I can copy both classes and routines to the project without issue, but when I try to copy the CSP files, I get the following message:

com.intersystems.atelier.utils.CheckedExceptionWrapper: Input length = 1

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Context: Ensemble development with ObjectScript in a healthcare context - lots of HL7, and some web service stuff. We've used Studio up till now, alongside a lot of leaning on an external developer, but are expanding our team and doing more in-house. We are wondering about Visual Studio Code - not least because it looks easier to hook up to source management solutions. And we've noticed that the test environments that you get connected to when doing many of the online training courses on give you a Visual Studio Code environment.

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Hi All,

I'm practicing Atelier in Eclipse, but

While working CSP page.

1. Create new Web Application

2. Open CSP Web Application in Atelier Project

3. New CSP page -> Save

i'm getting below error Message.

/testv1/test.csp was saved locally but could not be saved remotely.

ERROR #5912: Page '/testv1/test.csp' does not exist

test.csp is saved locally but could not be saved remotely.

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Hi Community,

I would like to share with you my experience regarding to debugging via Atelier.

I'm developing a REST API and would like to attach to a process when I call the API via a REST Client tool, for example Postman. The purpose is to inspect values from HEADER and BODY of the HTTP request during the debugging process.

Come on! How am I doing? I am going to demonstrate that by using a class from SAMPLES namespace.

1 - Open Atelier;

2 - Open your REST Service class;

3 - Go to the method related to the URI that you need to debug;

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