Tiago Pereira · Dec 2, 2022

Web Application 'Api Atelier'


I have two versions of Cache running on two separated servers. In one server, the version is 2018.1, and have the web application 'api/atelier', and the other server the version is 2016.1.

The question is, can I export the web application 'api/atelier' from 2018.1 and import/install it on 2016.1 version?


Product version: Caché 2016.1
$ZV: Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2016.1.1 (Build 107) Sat Jun 11 2016 18:49:07 EDT
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You need to update 2016.1 server to a more recent version (at least 2016.2, but I'd recommend the latest 2018.1 or migrating to InterSystems IRIS).

I'm new to Cache development, this is a new world for me. I need 'Api Atelier' to use Visual Code, wich I was able to configure and runs ok on 2018.1 version. Update Cache could be challeging for me, because it could raise some errors that I would be in trouble to resolve. But if it doesn't have another way, I'll see what I can do. Thanks!

Api Atelier was added with 2016.2, and it's the oldest version where it's available, you can't migrate it to an older version. You may ask InterSystems or someone else for help in the upgrading process. 

- You may need to use Caché Studio for 2016,.1
- you map the affected Namespace using ECP to the newer version and use VSCode

If your servers are correctly licensed you have a 
MULTISERVER license that includes ECP

you map the affected Namespace using ECP to the newer version and use VSCode

Beware - Plenty of pitfalls waiting for you if you use a later version environment to edit code stored in a remote database hosted on an earlier version.

As I understood there is no other way, the way is to migrate. I'll contact someone in InterSystem to help me in the upgrade process. Thanks everybody for the answers!