Matt Lowry · Sep 14, 2020

'Overwrite on Server' for all changed files - VSCode/Atelier

Currently when 'Importing and Compiling' multiple files I have to click 'Overwrite on Server' for each file.  Is there a way of choosing 'Overwrite on Server' for all files I have selected. 

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Thanks, Matt!

Same here:

VScode 0.9.2

Sorry for that, could you please fill the issue here? This check needed to be sure, that file on the server has not been updated while edited in VSCode. And may not work perfectly, yet, unfortunately.

As a workaround, I would suggest using import right in Caché/IRIS with a common way through $system.OBJ.Load/ImportDir

It's In fact not a common task for an editor, to import big amounts of files. So, the best behavior you'll get if you compile it separately from the editor.

We have many different developers editing lots of things.  Having to run OBJ.Load would be inconvenient when tools like Eclipse/Atelier have this built in.  It very common for a developer to need to import 10+ files.  I'll follow the link fill out an issue report.

When I do the Atelier XML import and run into files that are different from the server version, the resulting prompt has a checkbox for "Apply to Remaining":


If I check that then I can click "Finish" and my selection for Save Local Copy/Skip/Save Server Copy is applied to all files where there is a conflict.

That looks like the Eclipse interface?  Am I wrong?

Yes, this is a popup window in the Atelier plugin for Eclipse. I can see that the title of your post notes both Atelier and VS Code, and the post includes tags for both. If you are working exclusively with VS Code ObjectScript feel free to disregard my reply here.

I was hoping that I missed something and this menu was be in VSCode.  It's exactly what I want.