Dmitriy Maslennikov · Dec 1, 2016

Some feedback about latest version of Atelier

Thanks a lot, that we finally got the new version of Atelier, where most of the errors were fixed.

But I've found some have not fixed yet.

    set destination = $listget(waypoints,*)
    set $list(waypoints,*,*)=""

In this code, Atelier does know about asterisk as a second argument to $listget function.
And in this case, even shows next lines as an error.

And one a bit annoying issue, when I open a file which had some errors in the previous version, but after an upgrade has not, to see it I should remove and return this code back.

I don't it is error of Eclipse or Atelier, but when I fixed all errors in a project, it still shows that project has some errors

Good work, congratulations.

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Hi Dmitry,

As I mentioned we are still working to complete all functions in the COS parser. I will make certain the developers are aware of this syntax error.

Could you please check "Problems" view to see if it has a description for the error marker?

First error says Expected expression primary, next lines some different errors: Syntax errorExpected COS command

Thanks! This seems like a new defect, so your report will help us fix it.
Could you please also check what's Problem view shows when you see project error marker after all errors are fixed (as per your second reported defect)?
Also, are there any errors in Error Log view (Window/Show view/Other/General/Error Log)?

Thanks, I had not noticed Problem View before. But now I see that problem in some file, which was found by Atelier in a project folder. And in my case, error was File is too large to parse properly for file jqeury.min.js.

This parsing issue was fixed quite a while ago. Dmitry, you might want to accept this as answer to set the record straight. Thanks.