· Dec 1, 2016

Some feedback about latest version of Atelier

Thanks a lot, that we finally got the new version of Atelier, where most of the errors were fixed.

But I've found some have not fixed yet.

    set destination = $listget(waypoints,*)
    set $list(waypoints,*,*)=""

In this code, Atelier does know about asterisk as a second argument to $listget function.
And in this case, even shows next lines as an error.

And one a bit annoying issue, when I open a file which had some errors in the previous version, but after an upgrade has not, to see it I should remove and return this code back.

I don't it is error of Eclipse or Atelier, but when I fixed all errors in a project, it still shows that project has some errors

Good work, congratulations.

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