· Dec 12, 2017

CSP file with JS-code included

Hello everyone. So as title says, I used to install Eclipse with Atelier plugin recently to work in instead of Cache Studio and spotted that all my JS-code on CSP page is colored green as you can see here:


I couldn't find how to make code-detection on CSP files like JS files. All I found is this element which controls code inside HTML tag <script></script>

..which can't help me to color for example var to be pink color and etc. Any solutions?

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Atelier 1.0 does not provide a way to customize the color used for JavaScript code in CSP files. I recommend installing the Web Tools Platform (WTP) HTML editor which provides some JavaScript support. You can install it from the Eclipse release update site along with other web development related editors that you may find useful.


You can find instructions in the product documentation to make this editor your default when opening CSP files. Go to Help > Help Contents > InterSystems Atelier User Guide > Tasks Editing HTML in CSP Files.

If you are interesting in upgrading to the Atelier 1.1 beta, you will see that your JavaScript code will no longer be colored green when opened in the Atelier Web Editor.

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