Chip Gore · Apr 20, 2016

How do I get existing CSP files into Atelier?

Hi -

After having seen how Atelier is working, I've decided to start learning/using Atelier for an existing project.

I've installed, and after a bit of poking around, I've managed to get a project that includes my classes, and they compile and such (these were all from an existing export), but I see that NONE of my .csp files came along despite being in the export file.


I'm trying to figure out what the planned strategy is for .csp files, since they already sort of live on the file system, I'm not clear either "how to get them into my project" or "how they are expected to be integrated with the Atelier view of stuff"


Can someone please walk me through the thinking here, so I can have all of my code (.csp included) into my working "pile-of-files"?



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How about using the Server Explorer view in Atelier to locate the CSP file, then right-clicking and choosing "Copy to Project" ?

Incidentally on my Atelier (1.0.141 on x64 Windows) there's a noticeable lag (about 5 seconds) between the right-click on the CSP file and the appearance of the context menu.

Hi -

This doesn't seem to work. When I find the CSP files using the Server Explorer (<install root>/csp/application/file.csp), and right client "add to project" the dialogue  says:


and I end up with nothing new in my project.


That doesn't look right. Here's what I get from "Add to Project" off inspector.csp in the /csp/samples app in my SAMPLES namespace:


On that first dialog I choose the project to import to (GS2016). The next page looks like this:


I'm using Atelier 1.0.141. What build is yours?

Hi -

I'm on build Atelier 1.0.144 against Ensemble/Caché 2016.2.0.636 on Windows (this may be a bug)

We are still working on CSP support. It is very close to completion

While Atelier csp support continues in development, I've been able to get existing csp files over to Atelier as described below.  It takes advantage of the relationship between the .csp file and the generated .cls file described here:

1) In Studio, bring up the csp file, View Other Code, copy, and paste into a new Class file for the report in Atelier

2) In Atelier, edit the CSPFILE parameter to point to the proper location in the instance being used by Atelier.  In my case, I was going to a Mac, so I changed:

    Parameter CSPFILE = "C:\InterSystems\<windowInstalldir>\CSP\<namespace>\<reportname>.csp"


    Parameter CSPFILE = "/Applications/<macInstalldir>/CSP\<namespace>\<reportname>.csp";

3) Confirm that the CSPURL line reflects the correct path to csp files in the Atelier instance.  In my case, I was using a different namespace, so I edited:

   Parameter CSPURL = "/csp/<namespace>/<reportname>.csp";

to reflect the correct namespace.

4) Synchronize and compile the report class in Atelier.

5) Place a copy of the Studio csp file in the Atelier location pointed to by the CSPFILE parameter

Hope this helps.